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NER 6-Wheel Full Brake Coach



Build date:









Full brake coach to Diagram 171




Wooden bodied, six-wheeled chassis


32ft 0ins


Privately owned


Restoration nearing completion

This unusual vehicle, despite being constructed to a Victorian era design, was actually built in 1920 towards the end of the North Eastern Railway's existence. Indeed, others of the same type continued to be built by the company's successor, the LNER, in 1923.


It is a six-wheeled design, similar to Nos. 1111 and 2051, but without passenger accommodation, being intended solely for carrying parcels, goods and a guard. Like the two other similar vehicles in the Timeless Trains fleet, after the vehicle was withdrawn its timber body was sold for further use as an outbuilding, ensuring its survival. It was preserved in 1994, originally in Suffolk and later at Kirkby Stephen East, and was temporarily placed on a modern chassis to enable restoration to commence. Much of the work at Kirkby Stephen was undertaken outdoors, but it has now been moved inside the new restoration shed to enable a high standard of finish to be applied to the exterior. A suitable six-wheeled chassis, virtually identical to the one that would have originally been fitted, has been obtained, and it is hoped that No. 131 will be fully restored to original condition and operational within a few short months.

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